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The Informal Skills Training Unit (ISTU)

The informal skills training programme was started in early 1980s, with an aim of providing out of school youth in Mathare Slum area with survival skills. The out of school children found in the urban slum areas of Nairobi, had poor educational back ground and could not fit in the public training Institutions, due to lack of the required minimum qualifications e.g. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education with credit scores in certain key subject areas such as mathematics and science subjects.

The Unit provides skills to youth through an alternative mode of training that is non- formal approach, i.e. through apprenticeship in the Jua Kali sector.

The trainees are exposed to a variety of courses available in the labour market, prior to selecting the desired courses. The trainees thereafter identify trainers in the informal sector, who are in the areas of their trade choice. USK also assists the trainees undertake their trade test in various fields to ensure that they are competence and have government recognized trader qualifications.