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Commercial Sex Exploitation of Children (CSEC)

fasdIn the evaluation of Undugu’s children and Youth Programme (2010), it was observed that the number of girls reached are very few, probably due to the fact that a majority of the girls on the streets are found at night, and are involved in risky activities such as commercial sex, child labour, stripping and criminal errands for survival. In response to this, the programme is having interventions focusing on the girl child. During night street work, girls at risk of exploitation or involved in Commercial Sex (CSEX), are identified, and influenced to form girls only associations.  The associations meet regularly, and each one of them is guided to develop their constitution, rules and regulations. These associations are used to promote peer to peer learning, leadership, development of the girls, for discussions on issues affecting them and how to develop solutions.  The girls use the associations to advice and support each other on their efforts to overcome sexual exploitation. In addition, the girls are placed in skills training and those that are interested are given grants to open their businesses as an alternative.