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There, they lack the life they would have loved to live and desire a better life. Women and children are most affected by poverty because in most cases, their parents or guardians are not able to provide for all their basic necessities and they therefore get frustrated and go to the streets as prostitutes, to earn money and meet their needs and desires. Little do they know that prostitution can lead to their deaths as a result of them acquiring HIV/AIDS.

As time goes by, it gets clear that poverty is killing the future of those who have the determination to lead better livelihoods. Poverty pushes many young girls to the streets as they drop out of school and therefore, with no better jobs and the peer pressure they encounter, they end up practicing prostitution.

If the government and other keys stakeholders like the CBOs and NGOS would come up with advocacy campaigns to help curb prostitution, then we would not be losing our girls at a tender age. I would like to encourage the youths to set practicable and realistic goals for themselves. They should not sit back as if everything is okay because the change that we yearn for in the society starts with them. Let us all develop and have a better society.