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I could have said, “It will be alright,” but we all know that for some, it will never be alright. I could have also said, “I’m sorry,” but even to you, this sounds useless, empty and weak. I wouldn’t have dared to say, “I know how you feel,” because the fact is I don’t. I could have gone the philosophical route and declared with conviction, “time heals.” Unfortunately, I’m not really convinced that this is the case.

I’ve heard the phrase “take heart” used a lot, but since I had and still have no idea what it means, I discarded it as soon as it formed on my lips. I have no idea of what to say to a bereaved person. In cases where a relative or friend has lost a loved one, and there is no coward’s hope of a quick getaway, I always hope that attending the funeral conveys just how sorry I am, for a lack of a better word.