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Worse off are the cold stares I will receive from those who do not approve of me.

But why should I mind the heat when my ‘mabati’ house is cold, and I know that I’ll be freezing at night?

No, I can’t mind the dust, it can`t be worse than staying in the dark, if I don’t get paraffin for my lamp today. Why complain, when a sewer runs right through my door step, when of course I can`t smell any better than the air I breathe? When a layer of flying toilets are the only visible rooftops around me, and no, the flies can`t be a health hazard, how could they be, when I have constantly scurrying rats for housemates?

I might as well get used to the cat chase, it`s no better than worrying all night how I will pay my debts. And why not the tongue lashes? I may have to add another debtor to my thought tonight. If I don’t get some ‘kibarua’ today, I can`t complain of the cold stares. At least no one is yet to break my door in the middle of the night, because they do not approve of me.

Yes none of these matters, what is important is my race against time, to get something to keep my stomach from gnawing all night before sunset, for a plate of food for me at the end of the day is a little strength added to face tomorrows dawn.