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Drug and Substance Abuse

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My names are Esther Mbuli Musyoka, I am 20 years old. I live in Kawangware. In our village, our youth are experiencing a lot of challenges. The reason why I say so is because, our boys are engaging in alcohol, bhang, smoking and chewing of miraa.

They get the money to buy these drugs from stealing from people’s shops or attacking people on the road during the day or at night. These drugs are sold in the community by drug dealers and they cost between 50 to 200 shillings.

The effects drugs such as bhang are: getting confused or even going insane and when a person smokes bhang, they feel hungry and get the urge to go and steal from others.

Our girls are also engaging the same kinds of drugs and doing prostitute meaning selling their body. These girls practice prostitution because they do not have money to provide for their children and pay for the rent. Sometimes they also practice prostitution because they are idle and they have nothing to do. They start prostitution from the age of fifteen years. These girls have their parents but they never listen to them because they are influenced negatively by their friends. The girls also take drugs to get the strength to go and prostitute because they cannot do so with a sober mind. When these girls go prostituting and they are high on drugs, they never remember to tell their clients to use protection and they end up having diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

They also end up falling pregnant at a young age. Some girls who fall pregnant early try to abort their children. Some are successful but others abort badly and they end up dying. It is very painful to our villagers and parents to lose their children and we have government. These parents are left helpless because they try talking to their children and they don’t listen to them. In most cases, these parents rely on their children to give them a better life and when the children die, they have no one to take care of them. So if possible we want our government to do something about our youth.

The government could emulate Undugu in going to the community and encouraging these children to make good decisions and stop drug abuse and prostitution. The government can also provide employment to the youth to help them take care of themselves and their families. If our government will not take the matter seriously, the number of the youth who take drugs will be very high and our parents will lose their young ones.