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These habits make a person to become a burden to their family by being worried all the time and these habits may also lead to early pregnancies.

I believe that many people today are experiencing a self respect crisis especially when they take drugs, take part in prostitution and dress in a revealing way. This has to change in order for us to lead effective lives in our community. Many young youth engage in early sexual behaviors from the age of 10 years and this had led to many abortions being done at my place and the spread of HIV/AIDS from young people to old people.

I wish the government would engage the youth and educate us on issues such as a drug and substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. I would like to come up with a group made up of children and youth, like Undugu Society of Kenya, to help the community, especially the teenagers, by forming youth camps in the area, which will concentrate on discussions about sexual habits and behaviors.