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Accidents in Kenya

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Most of our roads are not designed as dual carriage ways and you often find people crossing despite the fact that vehicles are still moving. These people cross either on foot or abord bicycles and motor cycles. At the same time, there are also children who cross the roads and these people do not follow the traffic rules and regulations. Many drivers also break the traffic rules, even designated at pedestrian crossings, because they either do not care or are ignorant of the rules. Most times they overspeed or drive when drunk, thus are causing many accidents.

What I would like to ask my fellow Kenyans is to follow the traffic signs so that we can avoid road accidents in our country.

I would also like to ask our transport Minister to make sure all vehicles on our roads are in good condition and Public Service Vehicles should be subjected to regular and genuine inspection. Our traffic police should also make sure that our drivers are not sick or drunk while driving so that they can avoid road accidents and when these police find our drivers drunk while driving vehicles transporting passengers, they should be arraigned in court to face the law.

Finally, I would want to ask the driving schools that offer training in driving public service vehicles or heavy commercial vehicles to make sure that they teach their students well so that we can reduce or stop accidents in our country. I am currently undertaking a driving course and there they teach me very well.