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Drugs In Our Community

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Drinking coffee helps them feel the effects of the drugs more and help them get the morale of doing other activities. When evening reaches, instead of these boys going home, they start drinking alcohol until midnight then they start raping the people passing by. Mostly their rape girls and young mothers  For example, if a girl goes to take two rounds of beer in a pub, these boys wait for the girl to start heading home then they wait for her in a dark alley where they rob her and subsequently rape her.

When a person is raped, we as a community first report the matter to the police station where they give us an OB number. Then, the raped woman goes to any nearby women’s hospital where they are checked and treated for any infections or injuries. After being treated, an investigation is started and the rapist is arrested. I have a close friend who has been raped before.

These boys mostly take Miraa, Bhang and alcohol because of negative peer pressure from their friends and idleness in the community because most do not have any form of employment.These boys are usually between the ages of 15 and 25 years. Apart from making these boys rape other people, the drugs affect these boys by making them mad or illiterate. That is the life we live in Dagoretti, Ndonyo. At least people in our community always report rape cases to the police and something is done about it. I think, in order to tackle the issue of drug and substance abuse in the community, the government should try and stop the drug dealers because they are the ones who supply these drugs to these boys.