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Board of Directors


This is the premier governance organ of Undugu, responsible for Policy direction, monitoring of policy implementation by the Secretariat, and overall oversight on administrative, financial and program management at the Westlands Secretariat. Reporting and accountable to The Council (General Assembly), the Board of Directors is led by an elected non-executive Chair, and sits on quarterly basis for scheduled policy and decision review and planning meetings. The Board of Directors works through two Board Committees, a Finance Committee and a Program Committee. The Board of Directors recruits, supervises, supports and appraises the Executive Director of the organization, and acts as the Court of Appeal on all matters concerning human resource management and staff welfare. It is guided by the Organization's Constitution, an overall Board Charter and two separate charters guidining the work of the Board Finance and Program Comittees. Currently Undugu's Board Comprises 10 members who represent a variety of disciplines. There is a human resources specialist, two program specialists, a lawyer, four finance specialists, a medical insurance specialist and a priest from the Missionaries of Africa, an arm of the Catholic Church that Undugu's founder, Father Arnold Grol was part of.