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Word from the Executive Director

Given the multifaceted and multilayered nature of challenges facing poor and marginalized families in Kenya today, Undugu Society of Kenya would like to continue to leverage on its huge experience to ensure that every young person accesses basic human rights and lives with dignity in a safe environment and preferably in a loving and caring family. We believe that a loving and caring family reduces incidences of abuse, neglect and separation of children. As we go through organizational reorganization and transformation, we want to invest more on family strengthening by prioritizing interventions that are anchored in the community based systems of child protection and long term quality care of marginalized children and youth.

We appreciate that the best results our work will require collective efforts. It is on this basis that we want to continue with our commitment to building strong strategic partnerships and collaborations with other civil society organizations (local and international), state, private sector and communities to break the cycle that creates more vulnerable children over time. We would also like to continue to pursue the holistic development of children and empowerment of their families through facilitating interventions that focus on social and economic resilience building, enlarging safe spaces for children and safeguarding the existence operationalization of appropriate regulatory frameworks. We acknowledge that “Poverty is not just a function of low income but also other dimensions such as poor access to social services, state of vulnerability, social norms and practices”.  It is therefore my pleasure to reaffirm ourcommitment to join forces with other strategic partners to bring the desirable change to better care and protect the rights of our children, youth and marginalized families in Kenya and beyond. We are very grateful for the support given to us by all our partners and friends. We hope that together we will continue to work together to ensure that Children, youth from marginalized communities are well formed and brought up in loving and caring families and communities.